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SMBs are the engine of economic growth in SeAsia

SMBs account for 70% of SE Asia’s GDP and between 52% and 97% of total employment. There are 310 million digital consumers in the region, fuelling a tremendous growth in digital commerce and online spending

The Problem: Fragmented and Expensive Tools

The majority of SMBs in the region struggle to capitalise on the booming demand because they are in the early stages of digital transformation. Existing tools and solutions in the market today are fragmented and do not cater to the specific size and scope of SMB operations. 

Cost effective and intelligent financial solutions will help remove barriers faced by SMBs, unlocking economic growth and prosperity in the region.

The Mission: Empower SMBs

We are building a Financial Operating Center for SMBs. Using our end-to-end platform, small businesses can digitize operations and spend more time on their core activities — revenue growth and business expansion.

It is time to build for the SMBs. By creating contextual, responsible, and transparent products and services, we want to empower Southeast Asian SMBs to maximize their growth potential.

Founded in New York City by two life-long friends
Paying customers accrued in 6 short years
Secured funding by our clever partners

The Solution:
Your Financial Operating Center

BizFirst's set of products for SMBs will cover three core operational activities — corporate card, invoice management, and micro credit. Through our partnerships with leading industry players such as Mastercard, we take care of all your banking needs, so that you can focus on doing what you do best — taking your business to the next level. 

The press are lovin' it

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“Changing the game would be an understatement”

“They really are shaking things up”

“Truly they are humanity’s greatest hope. Let’s hope they can pull it off”

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