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Improve business efficiency with BizBank partners

Subscribe and run your end to end business operations from single platform and focus more on growth

Hassle free management

With all your operations at one place enjoy the ultimate unified experience that you've always dreamt about

Automate processes

Explore automated ways to save hours of your time and money spent on non- core business activities

Focus on growth

Seamlessly integrate applications into your business workflows and make strategic decisions for business growth

Choose how your business runs with ease

Get more done with third party applications that is integrated with BizBank


Integrate with payment gateways to get a complete ecosystem connecting with consumers' globally preferred payment methods

  • Accept payments anywhere, on any device
  • Flexible payment solution for customers
  • Reports and statistics on payments, settlements & refunds
  • An easy checkout with saved cards across businesses

Get paid quickly and easily to run any internet business with powerful payments infrastructure of Stripe 


Experience the all-in-one payments platform that grows your business from day one with frictionless payments


 Increase efficiency and sleek the way you manage your financial data with cloud-based accounting software from anywhere and anytime

  • Keep track of bills and expenses
  • Get key reporting insights for your business
  • Automated data entry in the books of accounts
  • Easy bank reconciliation

Integrate with Xero and run your business on the go to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims – from anywhere


Access your account, manage your business, and stay organized anytime, anywhere to see your business performance 

Payroll & HR

Automate and streamline your human capital management with smart tools and spend your time focusing on what drives your business growth

  • Easy employee onboarding
  • Time tracking & attendance
  • Leave management
  • Automated payroll

Use Talenox's self-service apps to view employee profiles, payroll, absence statuses, and all HR related activities from one place 


Use Quickbooks payroll partners to manage all pre and post employee related activities with full automation


Use Xero payroll partners to increase productivity with integrated HR and employee management tools


Manage all invoicing activities on online software and get a simplified solution to monitor your expenses

  • Generate and customize invoices
  • Send automatic reminders for outstanding payments
  • Send recurring invoices
  • Receive and track payments

Get paid faster from customers with customisable templates, automatic reminders, and online payment options


Save time and get paid faster by sending invoices, online from an array of templates with your logo and accent colors


Create and customize invoices to keep estimates, track time, track expenses and accept online payments


Get structured marketing strategies, designed to encourage customer engagements and continue to use the services of businesses associated with each program

  • Personalized discounts for customers
  • Customized loyalty programs based on business goals
  • Get insights into consumer behaviour and preferences
  • Collaborate with large reward partners and merchants

Design and deploy engaging loyalty programs in under 20 minutes to create the perfect campaign that fits like a glove for your business

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